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3GEN Power provides residential and Commercial solar panels and systems to residents and businesses in Melbourne, Victoria. There are many advantages to installing one of these systems, including lowering power cost and helping the environment.

Are you looking to save money and help the environment? Solar panel installation may be the best solution for you. 3GEN Power can assist you in creating a sustainable energy system for both your residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re considering a supplemental system to help you be less dependent on power companies or want to go entirely off the grid, we have a system for you.


Residential Solar Panels

In the past, residential solar panels were cost-prohibitive, and they were not efficient enough to help those who did spend the money quickly recoup their costs. However, today’s solar panels are made out of more energy efficient materials, and they are also cheaper. The materials are also lighter weight, so more homes can make use of them. A standard solar power system can be installed in about three weeks.


Residential solar panels can provide the following:

•Lower your energy bill
•Allow you to go completely off-the-grid
•Replace certain systems with solar powered ones, such as your hot water heater
•Help the environment by using free, renewable energy


Commercial Solar Panels Melbourne

Businesses looking to go green may want to invest in Commercial solar panels. Melbourne gets enough sun daily to power many businesses throughout the day. Commercial solar panels help lower costs while showing customers that they are environmentally aware. Many businesses install commercial solar panels on their Melbourne-based businesses for these reasons:

•They help reduce overhead operating costs
•They make less of an impact on the environment
•Commercial solar systems pay for themselves within a short period of time
•Businesses may be eligible for government rebates
•The system will store any excess energy generated for use during cloudy days and at night


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