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Solar Panels for Business

Businesses that install a commercial solar power system can cut down or even eliminate their electric bill. These systems are much more efficient than they were a decade ago, and there are a number of government programs in place to assist with the installation costs.


Many businesses are looking for ways of cutting their budgets. While it may seem counterintuitive to spend money on commercial solar panels for businesses, the fact is that a solar power system can free up your electricity budget, allowing you to put that money into your marketing strategy or product development. 3GEN Power can assist you in finding the perfect solar power system for your business and help you with installation, usage, and more.


The Cost of Installation


While it’s true that commercial solar panels can be costly, they are no longer as expensive as they once were. The technology used in solar panels has advanced to the point that these lightweight, inexpensive cells can be used on almost all buildings. They do take on average about three weeks to install, and a large building may take longer and be more costly. However, the key point to remember is that solar panels in Melbourne are able to recoup their costs very quickly. The technology used is much more efficient, and more power is generated from modern solar cells.


You Don’t Shoulder All the Cost


The government has instituted a number of reimbursements and discounts for residents and who interested in installing solar panels for businesses. These rebates may cover a good portion of the initial installation costs, so your business will recoup its expenses much more quickly than you might expect. Once the system has paid for itself, everything that follows is free power. Those that can go completely off the grid may never pay another electric bill again.


Other Solar Systems


If a commercial solar power system isn’t quite right for your building, you may be interested in a different system. Transpired solar collectors, for example, can be used to preheat a building’s ventilated air to reduce heating bills during the colder months.


Getting Started


To get started on your road to savings, contact 3GEN Power and ask for an assessment. We will make certain your building can support a solar panel for businesses and discuss your options with you. You may want a system with a battery to store excess power, or you may elect to send excess power to the electric company in exchange for a credit. There are a number of other options to consider, too, and our knowledgeable solar power experts will go over everything with you.

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