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Commercial Solar Systems in Victoria

Commercial Building Solar Panels

If you are looking for ways to cut your energy costs in Melbourne or the surrounding area, then you may want to consider commercial building solar panels. They can cut your energy use down and save you more money than they cost to purchase and install!


If you own a business in the Melbourne area, you may be looking to reduce costs. If you are, you might be interested in installing commercial solar systems to lower your energy bill. These systems can help your business save a lot of money every year and are also great for the environment. We are here to assist you with selecting the best commercial solar panel system for your business and working with you through the installation.


How Commercial Systems Benefit Your Business


• They save electricity, thus dropping your overhead costs and freeing up more of your budget for product development or marketing.
• They make less of an impact on the environment, allowing you to advertise your business as a green, energy efficient business. This may attract new customers.
• Commercial solar systems pay for themselves within a short period of time. Once the cost is recouped, the power your system generates is free energy and free savings
• You may be eligible for government rebates if you install commercial solar panels on your building
• Your system will store any excess energy generated, creating a backup battery to power your business at night or on an overcast day.


What We Offer - Commercial Solar Panels Melbourne


• Premium installation service that is quick, affordable, and timely
• A detailed analysis of your building to determine the best commercial solar system for you
• Custom installation of commercial solar panels when needed
• All of our installations are done by accredited electricians with experience working on commercial solar systems in Victoria
• Following installation, all systems are tested to make certain they are performing as expected and meet all government guidelines
• Assistance with completing all government rebate paperwork
• System maintenance, upgrading, and follow-up as needed.


Solar Panel Solution for the Growing Business


We offer a number of different site-specific solar panels for businesses of all sizes. These include rooftop panels for collecting solar energy (both flat and tilt frame mounts), ground mounted collectors, and a battery system to store excess energy for when it’s necessary. We can also ensure that your business continues to be connected to the city power grid in case the solar panels do not collect enough energy.


Contact Us Today


If you’re considering a commercial solar system and would like more information or an analysis of your business to see if solar power is right for you, contact one of our experts today. We will evaluate your structure to see which kind of solar energy system is right for you.

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