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Best Residential Solar Panels Melbourne

Cost of residential solar panels

Adding residential solar panels to your Melbourne home can cut your energy costs down significantly. Let us help you install these panels and start saving you money today!

Many residents in Melbourne have sought ways of saving energy. Turning up the air conditioning, turning off lights, and unplugging unused appliances can only go so far. To truly move away from the power grid, you need an alternative source of energy. One solution is to install residential solar panels on your home. These panels will capture the sun’s rays and convert them to energy, allowing you to become less energy dependent. Let us help you achieve your goal of a low to nonexistent energy bill by serving as your solar panel company in Melbourne.


What Solar Panels Can Do For You


Our solar panels can help lower your home’s energy bills in a number of different ways:

• Supplement energy from electric companies
• Lower your electric bill
• Allow you to go off-the-grid
• Replace your hot water tank with a solar-powered system
• Help the environment by using a form of free, renewable energy to power part or all of your home.

While it may not be possible for your home to truly go off the grid, a residential solar panel system can help you move away from your dependence on power companies. A properly installed system can provide enough energy on a sunny day to keep your home powered for most or all of the day and night, and when that power isn’t enough, your connection to the power grid supplements your energy needs.


The Cost Debate


One of the biggest issues facing those who want to install solar panels is the upfront cost. However, the technology used in solar panels has greatly changed since they were first introduced, and today’s panels are much lighter and more efficient than they were. They are also cheaper.There are also a number of government rebates you may be eligible for, reducing the startup cost of residential solar panel systems to much, much less than what it first looks like. The time it takes to make back this initial investment is getting shorter and shorter, meaning that you may have your Melbourne solar panels paid off in a few years.


Our Pledge


If you’re interested in residential solar panels in Melbourne, let us help you decide on the best system. We will do a full survey to see if your home is able to support a full solar panel system. If it is, we will help you select the solar panel system that benefits you the most and create a realistic timetable for installation. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about the benefits of solar energy and if residential solar panels are right for you.


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